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As you read above, you can start as a young carrier starter at the age of 18 or as a career changer and get your Sailor stamp in almost 9 months.


It can be done with a minimum of English, German, or Netherlands.

The only condition is that you sign with an authorized company that meets the Dutch standard as opposed to the training companies.
Each company organizes its courses on different dates. In total, your Training will last nine months. Exams, Training, and applications for the Courses are available trough out all the year.

You must have at least 90 days of sailing experience before your exam. During this time, you will learn the essentials for Sailor from your Colleagues on Board and your company-appointed instructor.

After that, you will have to take an exam in the Netherlands, consisting of practical and written exams.

Information about the school: STC Training and Consultancy


As a trainee, your food and accommodation are provided free on the ship where you will spend your time. The companies will cover the expenses for the exam.


As a Trainee Sailor, you will also receive a salary which varies from company to company from 1200€ to 1600€/month.

Advantages and disadvantages

The positive thing about this course is that you can do it all in less than a year and then start working and have a stable income.

The disadvantage of this fast track course is that you will only get basic sailor training. After a couple of years, when you decide you want to train as a Captain. You will have to start again from scratch and take another Captain course to prepare and participate in the examination.

The important is that there is a solution to this, and we can help you with this Captain course in the future.
As with Program 1, the total cost is covered by the company you signed up with. It will also cost you 0€.

If you like this option, choose Program2 when registering for our Sailor training program.


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