Guide line for people who want to start a carrier in the nautical department, and practical video courses for skippers.

Nautical navigation is your vocation?
Want to improve your expertise or prepare for an exam?

Our online video courses can help achieve your goals…

Sectional tutorials explained by experienced captains.

All you need is stable internet access.

Learn at your free time, on the go or on board.

What is our goal?

What is our goal?

We are now in an age where everything is being digitized. Of course, you can't become a Captain only by watching video tutorials. Still, you must put in the hard work and many sleepless nights to...

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Welcome to our page colleague!

Welcome to our page colleague!

With the help of this website, we would like to prepare the next generation of inland navigation Skippers for more self-confident and effective ship management. We have prepared many valuable...

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Meet our short introduction

Like you, we are Skippers. We have over 25 years of Tanker and Passenger Ship experience on the Rhine, the Main, the Danube, and the Moselle.
We have walked in your shoes and are aware of the potential problems. We know what it means to stay up and learn after a 6-8 hour shift. We also know how difficult it is to decide whether to apply for a 2-3 week training course.
We’ve created our online courses so you can now learn anywhere, anytime, during your shift or holidays.
There are no longer limits.

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